Thanks to IBM for a great night with K8S/Istio, Watson/ node-red and IoT with T-rex roar!

This Wednesday learned a lot from some of IBM’s foremost thought leaders on full-stack development at the Button Factory in Dublin. With a particular emphasis on developers and the dev experience on IBM Cloud and cover topics such as Kubernetes, the IBM Container Service and Watson IoT. Also great presentations from IBM clients and partners who shared their experience of building solutions with IBM Cloud.

See agenda below!

Kubernetes and IBM’s Container Strategy

Jason McGee (, IBM Fellow, is VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform. Jason is currently responsible for the Bluemix foundational developer services, including Containers and Schematics. Jason is also responsible for the technical strategy and architecture for all of IBM’s Cloud Developer Platform. Previously Jason has served as CTO of Cloud Foundation Services, Chief Architect of PureApplication System, WebSphere Extended Deployment, WebSphere sMash, and WebSphere Application Server on distributed platforms.

Zero to Watson Powered Flight Status, a live build

Alan Kiernan (, Cloud Architect and co-founder of Cation Consulting

Alan will demo the live build of a Watson Powered Conversation Bot integrating with Ryanair’s External API’s ( ( to deliver realtime flight status. This demo will cover Node-RED, Watson Conversation and the integration between these two foundation components of a Watson Powered chatbot.

Building an end-to-end IoT Solution, Live Demo

Andy Stanford-Clark ( will show just how easy it is to build a working Internet of Things solution, using easily available sensors and actuators, integrated via the IBM Cloud Platform.

IBM Cloud for Rapid and Reliable Development

Cathal Greaney (, full stack Software Engineer at Irish Apps (

IrishApps ( have built software systems for large and small businesses and have found Bluemix to be a valuable tool in their efforts to increase efficiency, reliability and time to market. Cathal will give a brief talk and share some of their experiences using Bluemix for database storage, web app hosting and large IoT roll-outs as well as their thoughts on the administration and management aspects of the Bluemix service.

From Applications to Clusters: A Bluemix Developer Journey

Michael O’Sullivan, ( Software Engineer – Cloud Foundation Services

As a PhD researcher in the past, up until now as a Software Engineer for IBM Cloud, I have witnessed the transformation of Bluemix in the roles of both a developer in academia, deploying applications and containers for research, and now as a Software Engineer contributing to the development of the Bluemix platform itself, in the form of the Bluemix offering for Dedicated customers.

In this talk, I will share my experience and observations of the Bluemix platform from the perspective of both these roles as the platform evolved over time, and highlight the work that I undertake with the IBM Cloud team in Cork, to deliver Kubernetes Clusters to Dedicated customers of the Containers Service.