In Workday today. Enjoy Meetup with Tigera and Google. #Kubernets

It’s an exciting time in the container networking space so this month I have the pleasure to attend meetup delivered by Karthik Prabhakar (@worldhopper), Director of Solution Architecture at Tigera and Louis Ryan (@louiscryan) of GRPC and Istio at Google, to discuss Istio, Envoy, Calico and Kubernetes. Tigera, the company behind Calico, also help co-maintain Flannel, as well as CNI, the network plugin framework for Kubernetes.

As Kubernetes deployments continue to proliferate and clusters of thousands of nodes become more common, the network fabric for microservices becomes a key design consideration. During presentation I have discovered how the core Kubernetes network concepts work in concert with each other, and with the right design and implementation choices, can facilitate ease of deployment and operations while also enabling scale to large deployments.

Presenters illustrated how a service mesh can provide application-level policy and content routing in concert with K8s networking concepts (like CNI plugins, network policy and services) by introducing Istio and Envoy, the newest service mesh for Kubernetes that has gained a lot of fans since it was announced in late May.

Leveraging Calico ( ( as the network plugin and network policy implementation, and Istio/Envoy ( ( as the service mesh, we will demonstrate how a feature-rich Kubernetes cluster can be provisioned and microservices deployed within a few minutes.

How to not Love K8s!